Hatch: Creative Writers

Hatch: Creative Writers


Hatch Yourself: Creative Writer is a self-paced course for anyone that has ever wanted to write but hasn’t yet kick-started their writing life.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a burning itch to write. Other times, life happens and writing it down starts to make sense. Hatch for Creative Writers is for you if you’re feeling ready to commit to the craft of writing but feel overwhelmed about going it completely alone. It is for you if you want to discover the joy of writing, develop your own voice and learn the central rules of writing creatively. And it is for those that want to have a deeper understanding of this oh-so-human yearning to tell stories.

Because anyone can write. It’s not an elite club and there’s no membership fee. The bliss of writing is for everyone to enjoy. Okay, so you might not be Stephen King or JK Rowling, but crafting narratives is inherently human and everyone has the potential to learn how to use their imagination, find inspiration and explore the world through the written word in a fulfilling, life-changing way.

This e-kit covers:

Humans and Storytelling

Learn how to read as a writer, explore why writing is important to you and pinpoint what you want to achieve.

Imagination, Inspiration and How to Find Ideas

You’ll learn how to observe, record and expand on the world around you and how to weave that in to the thoughts and feelings of your inner self.

Becoming a Storyteller

Unlock the secrets of creative descriptive writing, understand the power of metaphor and discover what it means to follow some of the most commonly cited writer rules such as ‘show don’t tell’ -and just how much fun it is to break them.

Face the Blank Page

Start to take your best ideas to the page and craft them into beautiful, poignant sentences.

Open the Hatch

This is where you open the window to a big idea, explore planning and plotting and face the issues that have held you back before.


Weekly writing exercises

Tips on Self-editing

Further Reading Recommendations

Bonus Quick Reference Sheets for writing must-knows including Tense, Narrative Forms and Active versus Passive voice.

HATCH will no longer be running as a taught course so there is no feedback element for writing exercises. However, you can join the Forth and Fable: Hatch Creative Writers Facebook Group for ongoing writing conversation and extra content.

Plus, anyone that purchases Hatch can book a Mini Critique for just £100.