Hatch: Bloggers PRE ORDER

Hatch: Bloggers PRE ORDER

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Hatch Yourself: Blogger will be released on October 14th 2019

Pre Orders will be sent to the email address associated with your order on 14.10.2019

Hatch Yourself: Blogger is a guide to starting your own blog, from the nuts and bolts through to crafting exquisite content.

Despite what you may have heard, blogging isn’t going anywhere. Hatch Yourself: Blogger is for you if you’ve ever wanted to start a blog, or if you have but have quickly lost enthusiasm.

You’ll learn:

First Steps

Start with our bespoke blog launching checklist and uncover the simple steps that will get you ready to hit ‘make live’ and decide what you want your blog to do for you.

Blog Ideation and Content Planning

Discover how to come up with a plethora of blog titles and topics and use a simple planning technique to ensure you’re creating regular content.

The Anatomy of a Blog Post

Learn writing techniques that embrace your blogging voice alongside developing the skills needed to create an effective blog post, including SEO

Finding your Community

Explore how to use social media organically, build an engaged community and effectively market your blog.



Blogging Must-knows

Weekly Tasks

Your First Year: A comprehensive plan to keep your blog running

The Ins and Outs of Monetising Your Blog