Let’s do something.

Services include:

Content writing, social media content, social media strategy, proofreading, editing, publication creation, branding services, digital marketing.

Limited edition packages

Each quarter, we set aside a limited number of working hours for ‘One Working Day’ (8 hours) and ‘One Working Week’ (35 hours) at a simnple flat rate. There’s no room for scope creep here, just a simple day - or week - devoted to your current project.

One Working Day next available Nov 2019. One Working Week next available Apr 2020.

One Working Day usually has one clear focus, such as ‘write three blog posts’ or ‘review our web copy’ or ‘create a new logo.’ While over in One Working Week (next available April 2020) we can, with a clear brief, get quite a lot done. Our record so far was to create a five page wordpress website, write the copy, five blog posts and complete a 3 month social media plan - with the first month scheduled for a start-up!

Go on, challenge us.

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