We're reimagining the hard sell

and switching it for something much more innovative and definitely holistic.


Consumers have changed. We're surrounded by #ads and primed to clap back the hard sell. That transparency is the key to our approach to writing.

We know SEO and keywords matter. You want to be seen, heard, gossiped about. But no one wants something for nothing. To create a holistic presence, marketing strategy or campaign,  businesses need to look further than the immediate payoff to the wider creative opportunity. So we create copy to build genuine and honest relationships with your clients.

We'll give you clarity, an unrivalled attention to detail and innovative copy that tells and sells your story.

Our range of writing and editorial services includes writing, copy writing, proofreading, and copy editing across all print, digital and social media.

Whether you’re looking for complete content creation or want someone to give your existing content the once over to save your blushes, contact us today for a quote, or visit our shop to see some of our ‘off-the-peg’ products.

for creatives

The publishing world has changed. Whether you’re working towards signing with an agent and going after the elusive treasure that is a publishing deal or are looking to maintain complete control of your work, Forth & Fable can offer comprehensive editing services to fine tune your manuscript.

In our shop you’ll find mini-critiques, concentrated mini edits at a fixed price. Contact us for no obligation quotes for full manuscript critiques, beta reads, line and copy edits and full manuscript edits.