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Do you have a story to tell?

Are you struggling to find the right words?

It’s okay, we get it.

Forth and Fable strip writing back to the very barest of its bones and find the words you need to get your brand’s narrative out there.

Let’s gather around the campfire and figure out the heart of what you need to give your business the ‘once upon a time’ it needs.

Let’s chat about how we can put you and your products into words.

Let’s tell that story, chapter by chapter, and grow your business or write that book in a way that confidently celebrates your story.

Because your story matters.


Forth and Fable was launched in 2018 by writer Kate Forth. After seven years of the freelance writer’s life, Kate knew two things: she loved telling stories for other people just as much as she loved telling her own, and she loved helping people to find their own words. Forth and Fable was born from her clients, who all wanted to clap back the hard sell and grow in ways that were holistic, genuine and heartfelt.

Kate is always your first point of call, but she’ll bring in trusted freelancers and creatives to projects that need it.

So, now…

We create content for Suffolk businesses, for creative entrepreneurs and for start-ups.

We guide aspiring writers and bloggers in telling their own tales.

We share ideas for how to live a creative, holistic business life.

Because words have power and stories have superpowers.

From the very beginning of civilisation, humans have shared stories. They’re told for the first time, then again and again, revisited and evolved. They are the way that we share news and ideas, memories and history. Once upon a time it was called the ‘oral tradition’ but then we developed runes and hieroglyphics and started to write things down. We started to read.

In all the ways that we communicate, from body language to laughter, letters to film, words are always entwined.

The world is a better place when it's full of myth and legend.

We don't discriminate between business and creative clients; you're all welcome here and we'll make sure that the words on your page are heroes.