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If you’ve plundered our blog, you might find a little treasure in one of the other websites that Forth and Fable manage…

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hello, i’m kate

and it’s wonderful to meet you…

about kate forth

I founded Forth and Fable in 2018, after over a decade of freelance writing under a far less inspiring name. I wanted to create a different kind of space in the world of copy, content and coaching for creative businesses and writers who are looking for something else; the place to quietly plant seeds and grow organically, defiantly and fearlessly supported. I’m so pleased that you’re here and I can’t wait to get to know you. But, just in case you’re interested in my independent creative work, you can visit my author website here, which hosts my personal journeys through writing, the wilderness and womanhood.

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For the storytellers, Hublish is a community-centred website for writers. Using creative and practical advice and discussion, we explore the writing experience across form and genre, look at ways to improve and develop creativity, and how to live a fulfilling writer’s life.

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Launching June 2019. While you can explore our blog for features on work-life balance, Enoughish leans into the life-life one. With emphasis on finding patterns, routines and #lifehacks that work for you, Enoughish offers organisation, household and financial features that are all about you building your real life.